"You certainly have a big family don’t you! The class were asked to draw their families, and Rose refused to stop when it was break time, she said she didn’t want to miss anyone out. Your daughter has a brilliant imagination too, she insisted her Uncle Charlie works with dragons!"

Ginny and Ron didn’t really understand why Hermione and Harry were so adamant that their children went to muggle primary schools. In the long run the children definitely benefited from their time at school, but there were some awkward moments… it’s difficult to explain to young children why certain parts of their lives need to be kept secret! It’s a good job children are known for their imagination!


Teddy Lupin headcanon because I swear I have a problem.


Aside from the occasional cigarette and underage drink, Teddy Lupin was pretty much the perfect godson, grandson and student. So when the Daily Prophet came out he was so embarassed that his hair turned pink and stayed that way for days.

To make it worse, Victoire and the Potters spent the rest of the World Cup teasing him about the article.

. “James, I swear to god if you don’t leave me alone I’m going to punch you in the fucking face!”

James grinned as the tips of Teddy’s hair turned red.

"Mum! Dad!" He yelled, "Teddy’s getting WILD!"

. Teddy stumbled over a stray trainer James or Albus had left laying around, luckily Vic caught him from what would’ve been a very painful fall.

"Woah. Careful there Bad Boy." She giggled.

. Teddy had had enough. He threw open the doors of the Potters tent and stormed out into the sunshine, nearly bumping into Harry who had returned from his trek to the water pump with two full buckets.

"Watch it, Teddy." Harry grinned, "Where are you off to?"

Teddy ran a hand through his tussled hair, pushing it out of his eyes.

"I dunno. Somewhere quiet, away from your ridiculous children."

Harry grinned again.

"Okay then, I get it, be back by five, oh and Ted?"


Harry winked, “Stay away from dark corners.”



This is a two-headed albino milksnake [x]. Each head has a brain and able to control over the shared body, causing difficulty in movement. Luckily, they shared the same stomach, snakes with separate stomachs will often fight and bite each other over the prey if one head has prey in its mouth.

In the wild, two-headed snake lifespan may be restricted significantly for they cannot escape predators well but despite this, two-headed snakes can lived up to 20 years in captivity.



'Revival' Sword

  • Dated: 19th century
  • Culture: Persian
  • Measurements: overall length: 36.5 inches (925mm). Blade length: 30 inches (765mm)

This Persian straight sword is known as a ‘Revival sword’, due to the fact this type of sword reviving the use of 15th Century style Islamic straight swords.

The example is larger than most, with a blade forged from Wootz Damascus, with a central panel on each side containing intricately chiselled Quaranic verses. The forte chiselled with Qajar style animal scenes.

Both sides gold inlaid in Persian ‘Sultan (Al) Sultan Akbar Shah’, attributing the sword to the reign of Persian King, Nasr al Din Shah (1848-1896). The hilt of stylistic form, with drooping monster head quillions, and etched quaranic cartouches.


  1. The concept of “Islamic weaponry” features this unique example of that category, known among collectors as the “Persian revival sword”.
  2. Confusion arises largely from categories (such as “Islamic”) imposed by writers without proper understanding of the sword’s form, function, and historical context.

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